Fadzi Whande

Stories of inspirational women from across the globe.

National Human Rights Program Manager, the United Nations Association of Australia;

Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

Fadzi Whande is fulfilling her lifelong dream.

“When I was six years old I woke up from a nightmare and my dad was watching a plane crash on the news. I asked, ‘Who are all the people with ‘un’ on their backs?’ He said, ‘It’s not ‘un’, it’s ‘UN’, an organisation that helps people all over the world. They’re mainly a group of volunteers looking for survivors.’ I thought, ‘Oh wow! I want to help people when I grow up.’

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Trish Bygott

Madam Bukeshla owner/ designer

“This is important work, the world needs beauty. All of your heart, and all of your hand, and all of your love goes into this work.”

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